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Personal Computers (PC)

WHAT IS A COMPUTER A computer is an electronic device that accepts data and process it into a meaningful information for the user. When a computer is mentioned to us in a classroom or work places, we assume that the laptop or the desktop computer is the whole thing called computer but that’s not it. […]

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN for Virtual Private Network is a system for connecting two or more remote computers while isolating their communication from the rest of the network in which they operate. It is a service that encrypts your exchanges on a network to preserve your identity online and the integrity of your exchanges (files, messages, etc.).


Router What is a router?   A router is a device that connects two or more computer networks and allows data packets to be routed between different machines in a network according to well-defined rules.   A router allows you to leave your local network, which comprises computers are at home, for example, and to […]


Printer A printer is a machine for getting a paper document from a computer model of the document. It’s a device connected to your computer that allows you to reproduce on physical support what you see on your monitor, in this case, your computer screen.

Internet Security

  Internet security.   Because malware becomes abundant, the Internet, more than just a web sphere, has become an environment where all forms of cyberattacks intermingle. It is therefore essential for the user to cope with all these attacks, to guard against a few safeties rules, which are:

Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk   A hard drive shortened in HD in English is a physical storage medium that allows you to keep all your data (photos, music, movies, files, folders, …).   It is called “mass memory” because it can hold a very large amount of data. It is also called “ROM” because, in case of […]